Sweet Swinging Kid Shatters Hall Vote As He Walks Amongst the Greats

In General by Samori Benjamin

Shoutout to my favorite player of all-time forever the “Kid” Ken Griffey Jr. (with the crime dog Fred Mcgriff coming in a close 2nd) who was voted to the hall of fame with the highest voting percentage ever (99.3%). I was able to interview him while he was still playing. This is a segment I did on the radio almost 8 years ago in 2008 the morning after he hit his 600th career homerun. This segment is with me and former WBAI Program Director Bernard White who belived in me and first gave me the oppurtunity to do tihs.

Ken Griffey Jr 1Ken Griffey Jr. 2Ken Griffey Jr 3 Reds v Cardinals 1995 American League Playoffs