In Community Sports, Major League Baseball, NBA by Samori Benjamin

On International Working Women’s Day Samori Benjamin produced this piece on the Women Covering the 2015 World Series. The women who we hear from in this piece are Claire Smith, Jessica Mendoza, Lindsay Berra, Jennifer Mercedes, Marly Rivera, and Erin Andrews.

  • Lindsay Berra, granddaughter of Yogi Berra,has been covering professional sports for over a decade and a half and currently is a columnist with MLB.com.

  • Jennifer Mercedes hosts her own show “La Chica Deportes” on New York City cable television.

  • Claire Smith is now entering her 35th season covering Major League Baseball. She is the first woman to cover the day to day beat of an MLB team.

  • Marly Rivera of ESPN Deportes is one of the best in the business.

  • Two-time USA softball olympic medalist Jessica Mendoza made history last September.

  • Erin Andrews has been on the national sports scene for over a decade covering sports and was the onfield reporter during the World Series broadcast for FOX Sports.